Le film "Monocodes"

... "The inspiration of almost all my work is based around music or sound,
and so most of the visual inspiration that I draw.
Normally I have a fantastically accurate view in my head of precise edit points and exactly what I want the thing to look like. But then it’s an ongoing struggle, a nightmare to get that image out of your head.
Get it down into a format, and that’s where the compromise comes in, because the software never does what you want it to do,
and you try and do something in a certain way,
and you suddenly realise it’s going to take you four times longer than you originally first thought it was gonna do.

Because you can obviously think things, instantaneously,
but I’ve got a very lucid imagination,
so trying to get those things and pull them down into a format that people can recognise that’s really quite a task..."

Alex Rutterford
British director and graphic designer working mostly on music videos.

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