Le film "Synchropath" est un Projet Audio/Video diffusé par Sync* et constitué de Marco Monfardini (computer) et d'Amélie Duchow (sampler).
Un développement du synchronisme comme procédé de composition.

" SCHNITT selects 42 audio sources and 28 video sources from which they extract 678 audio files and 234 video files. The single files will be processed, assembled and synchronized between themselves and built up the basic structure of the performance. The visual part of SYNCHROPATH will be presented with the projection of the video on two 16:9 screens and the realtime sound visualisation on three green phosphor monitors.
Every single performance of SYNCHROPATH is programmed as a unique event caracterized by the continous updates from the live set. "

*Sync is a platform for audio and visual artists.

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