The Art Movie "Animismo Computazionale" is prompted by the animistic philosophy that ascribes to all objects a soul and spirit full of divine qualities, thanks to claim of the literature and nowadays reality about the artificial intelligence, moves the pretension of the computational machine to get a kind of "personal autonomy ".

It 's our existence (life) to make this implement an essential feedstock and main needfulness, as bringing until his impersonation and divinization as a kind of electronic - soul.
This project rather than continue the process of vivify the computational linguistics, gabbling is own language convey the machine to a induced and helix death: the system's crash.

Across the persist amount and evaluation of binary codes creates audio frequencies and through the same analysis, create life to lines of colors that mark the border between the soul (human being) and the machine ,but at the same time and through the same life process, with the increase and excessive data processing of the central data unit till the system death.
So the whole system is in shutdown. No audio samples were used,sequenced,equalized or any kind of post processing applied.

Audio and Video were live recorded with a Panasonic nvgs 400.

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