The movie "28 secondes" is existing of self made acrylic glass objects which I filmed in an arrangement with special light and video projections.

Different films of these acrylic glass arrangements were layered and digitally animated to get movements and sychronized to the electronic sounds of Sysphon, a track which I produced in my electronic studio.

Zoy Winterstein - short biography

1984 – 1989 : a many-sided musical background beginning with the intensive occupation with the history of Jazz
1995 – 2001 : studying music (classical piano with diploma) at the academy of music in Nürnberg
since 1992 : production of a broad range of electronic and electro-acoustic music, music for film and theatre, radio plays for radio broadcasts, field recordings
since 2007 : graphic work and video art
since 2012 : founding and participation in the KEIN THEMA 23 events

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