The Movie "Pictorialism" is a reflection on the empathic style of each time, which may or not represent art. Can remain on stereotypes or using aesthetic to express and go beyond the appearance of stereotypes of an era.
Stereotypes that uniformizing any thought of any art.

Contemporary Pitoralism : video-Art-theory

In the "how" we represent are enrolled each of our present.
This "how" or “way” it is expressed in the “visual texture” of each of the dispositives of the representation. Thus the textures of the image or the "visual noise" are marking a "regime of visibility" epochal.

The concept of "pictorialism" was a way to "feel" and reproduce (mimetic) determined stereotyping "Aesthetic" through the "texture" of the brush. A "aesthetic feeling" creates "stereotypes" whether it be with the "visual noise" of a brush or a pixel.
The video is a reverse zoom that shows the different "visual noise" systems of representation. It starts with the "pixels" of the cuadricular texture movement away, interpreting the "noise" or audiovisual recording gain. And this audiovisual recording interprets a reproduction of a genre scene of a landscape painting. Painting we can't see the "noise" visual of the brushstroke.

Rrose Present's work consists in combining artistic production, video and theoretical reflexing.
In her production of images acquires an important role as a result of a dialogue between criticism and art production, looking for places of confluence.

Video & Art festivals, selecctions:

- Selection (MADATAC) VIDEOsPAIN, Itinerant Spanish Video Art Program (AECID) next 2015-2016
- ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental FILM Festival Jakarta, Indonesia (Septiembre) 2014
- “IDENTITAT NÒMADA” monografic screening H2O Gallery , Barcelona 2014
– RIA, CologneOFF, in The Academy of Experimental Arts, INDIA, 2014
- FONLAD, Festival for digital arts, Portugal 2014
- LOOP The Moving Image City Festival, Gallery H2O Barcelona, 2014
- FLUX, Festival Vídeo de Autor. monografic screening in Antic Teatre, Barcelona 2014
- INTERNATIONAL FILM POETRY FESTIVAL (Greece) 2013; Finalist “Parallel dimensions” of “Grand Geyser” in H2O gallery, Barcelona, 2013
- MADATAC, Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual & New Media Art, MADRID, 2013, 2012
- BANG, Videoart of Barcelona, 2013 - VIDEOLOOKING, audiovisual & Live Performance, Barcelona, 2012
- CINETORO, Experimental Film, Colombia, 2012, 2013
- FIVA, Videoart, Buenos Aires, 2012
- Cologne OFF, Film Festival, Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum, Mexico, D.F. 2012
- FIVAC Festival of Videoart in Camagüey, CUBA, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
- ESPACIOENTER Festival of Experimental Image, Spain, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
- EJECT, Festival of Videoperformance, México D.F., 2012, 2010; LOOP Video Art Festival of Barcelona, 2005

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