The Movie "Data Scape"

These simulacra or meta-representations feed several paradigms in progress.
The use of the technique of screenshot is highly considered as spiritual practice in order to approach the essence of here and now.

Frère Reinert likes to combine conceptual aesthetics with a spiritual approach, in order to explore his place in the physical world.

For his contribution to 28 secondes,
he used a screen recording to focus on the experience of "looking at" during this particular time lapse.

Do Not Use As Art

Frère Reinert is a western European independent monk,
currently living in a no man's land in France and using internet to stay in touch with mankind .
Born in the middle of the second half of the 20th century,
he is getting ready to die during the first half of the 21th century.

He studied conceptual, visual and martial arts in the Netherlands.

In his recent activity based on Google Earth exploration, he hunts its glitches,
in order to transform a virtual experience into a collection of simulacra.

ad hoc momentum : imago mundi

Time line on : DONOTUSEASART

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